Section One – Requirements for Publication


We carefully fact check all statements and do not publish anything we believe to be untrue, and we don’t embellish or make claims beyond the facts. To qualify for publication on our site, content must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be factual and true.
  • It must be unbiased.
  • It must be based on our actual beliefs, outside of any compensation we receive for promoting it.
  • It must not be misleading or only part of the story.
  • Quotes from 3rd parties will be word-for-word and not embellished or altered.

Additionally, we make the following promises to you, our readers:

  • We will make it clear when we receive compensation for our opinions.
  • We will be transparent about our sources and where our information comes from.
  • We will only publish information that is “on-the-record”.
  • We won’t plagiarize or steal content from other sites. All content is original and written by someone who works for this site.
  • When we use other sources, we will say so, and tell you where we got it from. We will link to our sources.


Section Two – Fitness and Qualifications


We only write on topics we have an expert level of knowledge about.

We want to make sure we’re writers who are qualified to give advice about the topics we write about. That’s why we’ve chosen to write about hosting and web development. David Repasky is currently the main writer and has 10 years of experience as a web developer.


Section Three – Style and Spelling


We write in an informal and friendly tone, and sometimes our content will break established grammatical rules. We want to write in a manner our readers can relate to, and sometimes that means ignoring established grammatical rules. Because our tone is meant to be informal and friendly, we will, at times, use casual American standards of building trust and rapport.

Spelling is important, and where we can, we will spell words correctly, proofreading posts before they go out. If being casual dictates we misspell a word, we will, in the interest of relating to our readers. We value style ahead of mechanical correctness.